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Kneeling Butt to Heel Test – 2018 from The Active Life on Vimeo.

Assessment Standards

  • Perform before and after you warm up
  • This assessment does not require a partner

Range of Motion Standards

  • Big toes together
  • Butt to Heels
  • No pain or pinching
  • Not a huge gap between the floor and ankle

Red Light

Pain in the back of the knee is a potentially dangerous finding. Avoid painful ranges of motion and go see a local doctor.

You should also contact an Active Life Doctor so we can provide additional guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why test before and after warming up?

Answer: If range of motion improves as you warm up there is a good chance we can permanently improve your range of motion with 1 on 1 Coaching.

If range of motion stays the same or gets worse when you warm up you need to speak with an Active Life doctor.

Question: I feel pain during the assessment. Should I round house kick a heavy bag Patrick Swayze style to loosen things up?

Answer: Only if you’re trying out for the lead role in Road House 2. If you are not an actor trying to play the best damn cooler in the business please contact us with the red support button or click here to connect with one of our coaches.

Question: My knees hurt but I passed this test. What should I do?

Answer: Great question.

1. You should also complete the Prone Heel to Butt and Supine Hip Flexion Assessments. You may be limited in another area.

2. It’s possible you have a strength balance issue but we need more info to be sure. Contact us with the red support button or click here to connect with one of our doctors.