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Ankle Dorsiflexion Test – 2018 from The Active Life on Vimeo.

Assessment Standards

  • Perform before and after you warm up
  • Measure in bare feet
  • From your big toe to the wall

Range of Motion Standards

  • Men = 5.5 inches from toe to wall
  • Women = 4.5 inches from toe to wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why test before and after warming up?
Answer: If range of motion improves as you warm up there is a good chance we can permanently improve your range of motion with a Bulletproof or Corrective Action Program.

If range of motion stays the same or gets worse when you warm up you need to speak with an Active Life Coach.

Question: I feel pain during the assessment. Should I knock out a few hundred double unders and box jumps?
Answer: No. No you should not. Pain on this assessment is common but it is not normal. Contact us with the red support button or click here to connect with one of our coaches.

Question: I always thought my ankles limited squat depth but I passed the test. Where do I go from here?
Answer: Great question. Ankles are frequently blamed for poor hip function. You should complete the Supine Hip Flexion Assessment.

Question: I scored over 16 inches on both sides. What gives?
Answer: You probably measured from your heel to the wall. It’s ok. It happens to the best of us.